Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year, Sorta

Related to the blog, I deleted the old friends that became "Zombie" blogs from my "other links" page. I am trying to figure out what to do about the pictures on this blog that USED to be on Google's Picasa. Some of you may or may not know that Google decided to discontinue Picasa. For now, the pictures still remain, but it isn't clear if this is long term or not. I went to Google to see how to move them over to the "new and improved" Google photos, but things don't seem to work in the way the instructions suggest. Hmm. Ain't technology WONDERFUL?

More changes to come soon.

Sadly, the old year closed out with the Huskies losing to the Alabama Semi-Pros. I think, however, the Huskies will be better in 2017...

Monday, December 26

Saying "Goodbye" to Old Friends

Today is "Boxing Day." I used to think it was the day after Christmas since you'd put everything back into boxes. Seems, however, that the day has more to do with British class structure than putting stuff away. If you go over to my "other sites to visit" page, you'll notice that there are quite a few "Bike Blogs in Hibernation" links. Well, I'm going to some of these away unless my loyal reader demands otherwise. My criteria for deletion is very simple: No posts in the last full year. Using this criteria, the sites that will be gone include:

Big Oak Bikes - no posts in the last three years
Biking in Dallas - no posts in nearly three years, but you can check on Facebook if you're into Facebook
Carbon Trace - Andy seems to have quietly given up blogging about anything having to do with bikes
CycleDog - Ed's last post was more than three years ago. I miss his posts.
Cycling in Heels - I'm going to add a link to her shop's blog at "Bicycle Belle."
Cycling Unbound - last post was over two years ago. Perhaps Fred found out that sidewalk riding is a losing proposition?
Doohickie - Doohickie, to his credit, said he was leaving the blog more than three years ago. You can find him on Facebook
Hugh's Bicycle Blog - After more than two years, I don't think Hugh's coming back.
Let's Go Ride a Bike - It's been nearly two years since their last post. So long, Dottie and Mr Dottie
Plano Cyclist - I had hope that Justin might resume his posts, but that was over a year ago.
Rat Trap Press - Myles started up again, but he's not posted in over a year, That's more than simple hibernation.

Any thoughts on what I should ADD to the "other sites to visit" page? Or, should I even HAVE an "other sites" page? Inquiring minds want to know!

In any event, those sites will live on via THIS post - until they disappear entirely, as have many other blogs. One that's still fondly remembered was Pedal Talk. Nowadays, there's stuff there, but it isn't in any language I recognize. One might wonder if blogs are simply yet another technology whose day has come - and gone...

Thursday, December 22

Nuclear Bombers Invade California!

Avro Vulcan Turns Over Edwards Air Force Base

Last summer, I spent some time digitizing old slides. Amongst them, were some in which RAF Vulcan bombers came and were part of the 1979 Edwards Air Force Base Air Show. For those that don't remember the Vulcan, it was Britain's last nuclear bomber. It starred as such in the James Bond thriller; Thunderball.

While I didn't think to ask at the time, I suspect that this Vulcan had no nukes on board for the air show demonstrations. Still, who says the last time the British invaded the US was during the War of 1812? PERHAPS, they were demonstrating that we should not take the movie "Canadian Bacon" to heart and mess with their Canadian colony, er, Commonwealth Partner. Is "Commonwealth Partner" the right term? We've shown the Queen's Canadian Flag on this blog before. Actually, I believe the Commonwealth has "members." Some of the members, such as Canada, are "Realms." Realms have kings or queens, with Elizabeth being the Queen of Canada. There was a minor brouhaha when Charles married Camilla, but the Canadians were ultimately OK with it since they were both too old to have more kids. And the Canadians think OUR system is odd!

Sadly, the last Vulcan flight was in October 2015. The only time the type was used in real anger was during the Falklands war, where they were used to attack ground targets as the longest range bombing missions in history at that time. That was later surpassed in Desert Storm by B-52 aircraft.

Wednesday, November 30

Don't Ride in Lightning Storms

Jeep after Getting Struck by Lightning While Parked in a Parking Lot in Dallas, Texas
The photo shows why it isn't good to be out and about during a lightning storm. It's not really a good idea, even if you are in a car, especially if the car doesn't have a metal roof. The Jeep not only got damaged a lot, but the vehicles on both sides got burned as well. Luckily, I don't have any photos of cyclists who were struck by lightning while riding during a storm.

If you aren't sure where the lightning might be, there's an app for that. Personally, I favor "Boltmeter," as discussed here.

Tuesday, October 18

Sympathy for the Motorist

Whilst some cyclists might entitle this post "Sympathy for the Devil," we should all remember that the traffic engineers sometimes make things needlessly complicated for all road users. While I'm not generally a fan of taxpayer-subsidized car storage (free, on-street parking), signage such as above gets my sympathy. Mostly, such signage doesn't concern cyclists.

Presuming that the motorist actually KNOWS whether he/she is facing north or south when looking at the sign combination above, it still requires a bit of thought to realize where one is allowed to park and where one is not. Hopefully, most motorists would realize what day of the week it is and that parking is not allowed next to fire hydrants or in front of driveways in any event. I'm not sure why they allow parking anywhere along this road. That'd certainly make things simpler - "NO PARKING." Still, such signs make it clear why sometimes motorists stop in the middle of the road, making us wonder what they are thinking...