Saturday, March 25

America Beats the Canadians for the First Time

From Seattle's MyNorthwest, Proof Seattle Beat the Canadians for the Stanley Cup
If we were talking nowadays, it'd be "America Beats the Canadiens."

It was the year 1917. In Europe, the British Empire was part of the Entente battling the Central Powers. Still, we're talking hockey here, not a ware to end all wars. The NHA, predecessor of the NHL took on challengers each year in defense of the Stanley Cup. No American team had ever beaten the Canadians.

Our Brave Seattle Boys, from Wikipedia
Metropolitan Logo
However, 1917 turned out to be different. You see, the Seattle Metropolitans were the challengers that year. Their team was strong, with five future hall of famers. To make a story even shorter, they beat the Montreal Canadians (now Canadiens) in the Stanley Cup final.

Following the loss to the Americans, the NHA disbanded to become today's NHL. Two years later, when Seattle was to play Montreal for the cup, the Spanish Flu led to its cancellation. It would not be until 1928 that another American team, the New York Rangers, would win the Stanley Cup. To this very day, Seattle has never gotten an NHL team, so our 1917 victory over Montreal is likely to be our last for the forseeable future. Who knows if the NHL is still punishing Seattle for beating Montreal?

Monday, March 6

Cold Here Too

Only One Vehicle Dared to Brave the Cold this Morning in Ocean Shores - Who Says You Need 4WD?
Just as in North Texas, as noted here and (even better) here, bitter cold winter conditions have bedeviled Ocean Shores, Washington.

Dead Juniper in the Yard
Following a period in which the local lake froze over, we had a drought in the greenhouse that, combined with the dark and cold winter, wiped out all of the vegetation except some of the onions. What's more, the winter, combined with a reciprocating saw, wiped out our Juniper bushes in the front yard.

To top things off, we've got sleet covering up the landscape. As you can see at the top of this post, there's only been one vehicle going down our street this morning.

Still, like our hardy Texas cousins, we will replant and rebuild! Luckily, unlike California's Donner Party, the local grocery store is less than two miles away. Still things are looking up in Ocean Shores. We've actually got Internet at the house now. It's only 3Mbps, but that's still better than depending on cellular data.
WHAT We're Replanting in Ocean Shores

Getting Ready for a New Shed Door

Monday, February 6

Where the West Begins

Barrel Racing
There are touristy things to do around Fort Worth. While Sundance Square isn't any kind of place that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid would recognize, they'd probably feel much more at home at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (FSSR).

Apparently, I've failed as a parent since none of my kids had ever been to a rodeo with their dad. In fact, the oldest had never been to a rodeo at all. We corrected that on Friday, by going to the FSSR. I think our favorite event was the Calf Scramble, since the calves reminded us of our dog when he tries to sneak away without getting caught after having committed some transgression.

Having checked off that box, my oldest can honestly say: "This ain't my first rodeo!"

Bull Riding was a Premier Event

Thursday, February 2

Passing of Stan

Stan and No Mo from Historylink
In my post, here, I lamented the passing of one of my television childhood heroes, JP Patches. Last Friday, Stan Boreson joined him. For my loyal reader that isn't from Seattle, Stan Boreson held sway over KING TV, which competed mightily against JP. Still, JP and Stan were friends and joined together many times after they both got cancelled. Stan was a lot more musical than JP. Stan's passing was reported in the Seattle Times here and in the Everett Herald here.

While one my all-time favorites of Stan's was "I Don't Look Good Naked Any More." That song gloried in getting older. His classic was the King's Klubhouse theme shown below. I suspect that a local television personality that made fun of his own Scandinavian heritage is not going to show up again on television in our lifetimes.

RIP Stan. For now, his site remains up here. It has links to may of his classics. How can you go wrong listening to "I saw Hulda Kissing Uncle Sven" or "Yonson From Wisconsin?"

Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year, Sorta

Related to the blog, I deleted the old friends that became "Zombie" blogs from my "other links" page. I am trying to figure out what to do about the pictures on this blog that USED to be on Google's Picasa. Some of you may or may not know that Google decided to discontinue Picasa. For now, the pictures still remain, but it isn't clear if this is long term or not. I went to Google to see how to move them over to the "new and improved" Google photos, but things don't seem to work in the way the instructions suggest. Hmm. Ain't technology WONDERFUL?

More changes to come soon.

Sadly, the old year closed out with the Huskies losing to the Alabama Semi-Pros. I think, however, the Huskies will be better in 2017...